The Black Suit

The black suit remains an indelibly classic look that never has and probably never will fall from grace, clothing yourself with a well-tailored 3-button black jacket with matching slacks places you firmly in the realm of universal acceptance, such a fine garment is timeless and every man should have at least one to pull from their closet.

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FREE overnight shipping on new styles

Where and When to Wear One

The black suit can be worn nearly anyplace that a suit is needed to be worn. You will be more than fine wearing them to weddings, funerals, business luncheons and/or any formal affair.

In The Office

The only issue with this suit is that it is definitely not "dressing down" so to speak, so if you are looking to project an "every man" type of look or not want to outclass or outshine anyone in anyway, you might not want to go with this black ensemble. The elegance that these suits exude can sometimes make you look like "Mr.Big Shot", some are more than fine with that, while others may bristle at the notion. It's your call, but we at LOVE the look!


Suit materials for these pieces run a wide spectrum but will always be available in wool. Unless heat and humidity are of a major concern to you, wool is often a first pick in regards to suit fabrics. Remember too that dark colors draw heat to the body.

Color Scheme

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The classic crispy white shirt and dark-colored tie cannot be argued against with ease, but if you aren't the cookie-cutter type of guy, experiment with bright-colored dress shirts that incorporate those same colors in-part or wholly with the colors in your necktie. Black often gives you greater color flexibility with your accessories and other articles of clothing without appearing gaudy.

In Summary

Be sure to have atleast one black dress suit at your disposal, if you have any social life whatsoever. The simple fact of the matter is this, occasions will definitely come up where your best suiting option will be one of these regal black beauties.

The cost of it need not be exorbitant, only be sure that you find or have a suit custom made that is made of quality suit materials, so that that one nice black suit you do own will last years and years.

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History of The Black Suits

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