Mens Jewelry

Mens jewelry has rarely been more popular than it is in our day. In mens history, other than the finger ring, mens jewelry has been deemed appropriate because of its function rather than decorative value.

You see this in the example mainstays like tie clips, collar pins, money clips, cuff links, shirt studs, and wristwatches. These items are primarily utilitarian first, they have an actual function. But more and more today men are looking at style and fashion as their primary incentive. Guys are into mens jewelry more than ever, which also sometimes leads to the unfortunate fellows who commit social suicide with the ladies due to a distasteful over-abundance of chains and such. However, a gentleman can still wear quite an array of jewelry without taxing the limits of good taste.

In mens fashion, the common saying of "less is more" still holds true. When it comes to men and jewelry, minimalism is a virtue.

But regardless, it is very much so possible to reflect an image of sophistication and class. And it's even possible to be unique without being overly flashy, i.e. "tacky". So lets get to the the "YES, NOs and MAYBEs" on each of these items of mens jewelry.


We are definitely not referring to that silly Mickey Mouse watch that only a rare few think are cool. But indeed, every man should own atleast a couple watches, one of which is classy, a bit pricy and timeless for special occasions.

Your sports watch can stay at home on those days when you're trying to make an impression. There are plenty of watches that serve as functional timepieces of course, but also draw a bit of interest from others. Mens jewelry in the form of a beautiful timepiece can make quite the statement!

But besides the watch, what other mens jewelry is acceptable or unacceptable for fellas? Well, to find the answer, just keep reading...


Sporting a chain on your wrist isn't the end of the world, just be sure that it doesn't clash with the watch you're wearing.

Verdict: YES... Wear a sturdy, strong chain (thick enough to suit your wrist),those are typical of mens dress and look better on a mans wrist. For those willing to spend for upper echelon mens jewellery, we highly suggest you check out live jewelry auctions, they have jewelry that you won't find nearly anywhere else for EXTREMELY competitive prices.


If you're not a mafia guy, then we don't recommend that you don
(get it? Don?) all sorts of 14K gold and diamond encrusted pinky rings.
. .. . Smileys
Verdict: YES... A wedding band or a simple ring is acceptable so long as it's only one ring per hand at the very most. Palladium rings are becoming extremely popular for everyday rings and wedding bands for both men and women.


Necklaces big enough to stop traffic or give you a sore neck from the sheer weight of it should be avoided at all cost!

Verdict: MAYBE.... Again, simplicity is key with mens jewelry. A thin necklace with a small pendant or no pendant at all can go a long way to accent your look. Even a beaded necklace can look really cool with the right outfit. But be careful not to make a necklace a focal point, it should alway be an accent piece.


Seriously?? Umm, the 1990's called and they want their diamond stud back. Come on now...

Verdict: NO... If you have an earring in you're ear right now (you might as well be wearing bracelets for women by the way), then you'll probably disagree with this mens jewellery assessment about earrings, but trust us, when people see it, they aren't impressed.


This American mens jewelry invention, the tie holder or clasp, adds a bit of controlled panache.

Verdict: YES... A tie clip keeps the necktie under control, stopping it from flapping in the wind or doubling as a napkin while dining. Added to that, affixing the necktie to the shirt’s front assists in maintaining the tie’s arch in the neckband.