Tuxedo Styles

One of the coolest things about tuxedo styles is that there are many different ones. Tuxedo designers have done men everywhere a huge favor by creating a variety of styles and options. Not all tux styles look good on everyone. Men have different builds and while one type of tux might fit one man perfectly, it might look terrible on someone else. Figuring out what looks good on a particular man’s body is the first step in determining what tuxedo suit styles will work best for him. The fit of a tux and whether or not it accentuates the positive or highlights a guy’s worse physical attributes, should be a man’s biggest consideration, even more so then personal style. Even if a guy likes a particular tux better than another strictly based on the aesthetic, if it doesn’t look good on him then it’s really not worth renting or buying.

To help those not familiar with current tuxedo suit styles, we have listed a number of them. Below, readers will find a listing of tuxedo jacket styles.

A.The classic tuxedo jacket: This particular jacket is the most commonly worn. They are often the jacket that men choose to wear to semi-formal and formal events. Even though this design is a classic one, individuals will find that they come in a variety of styles. There is the single-breasted or double breasted option. Individuals will also have their choice of peaked, shawl or notched lapels.

B.Tailcoats: Some men’s favorite tuxedo styles come with tails. These types of jackets are often worn at formal events. They are cropped in the front and feature two long tails in the back. The number of buttons on the jacket can be as little as two or as many as six.

C.Nehru jacket: This particular tuxedo jacket does not require a tie. The collar stands up and there is no lapel. It is generally paired with a Mandarin-collared styled shirt.

D. Cutaway: Cutaway jackets are another option. The length of the jacket is shorter in the front than it is in the back. These types of jackets are a good choice for men getting married during the day in a formal ceremony.

E. Stroller coat: This tuxedo is great for semi-formal events. It is an excellent option for a groom whose wedding is a semi-formal affair that will take place during the day.

Tuxedo styles run the gamut and thankfully, so. Many men like the ability to choose the tuxedo style that most reflect their own. Besides picking a jacket or tux that a man feels best represents them, it is possible to customize it even further. Men can add colorful accessories, cool neckwear and/or colorful lapels. A man is only limited by his imagination and the guidance he receives.

Even more important than style, is fit. Sure, when a guy rents a tux, he will be fitted for it, so the actual fit will be fine. This isn’t the issue. What is the issue is finding a tux that looks good on a guy’s particular build. It should show the body in the best way possible.