Suit Designs

Suit designs have gone through many changes over time. Some go out of style and then come back in fashion. Learn more about all of the various types here.

It can seem overwhelming to see many different types when you walk into a store or tailor. Here are some quick tips on the different types.

Single Breasted - The most popular basic style

Double Breasted - This was an school style that was made famous in the 20s and 30s. Guys like Humphrey Bogart and Clark Cable wore these. It covers more of the chest and is considered more conservative

Three Piece - Its basically the same as a two piece but with a waistcoast, or vest. Its again a more conservative look but it is getting to be more popular with celebrities, including guys like Ryan Reynolds.

Two Piece - The most common type today. Most menswear makers focus nearly exclusively on this style.

Side Vent - A common look for British suits.

Made to measure (MTM) - Not quite a custom job, the tailor will use existing cloth patterns along with your custom measurements to tailor your suit.

Off the rack (OTR) - These are like the name states, right from the store or suit rack. You may also hear the term, ready to wear. In reality, most suits need some tailoring to fit right.

Lounge Suit- This is a UK term for business suit.

Button Designs

4 button - This is really pushing it for design coolness. Its probably a few too many buttons unless you are in the NBA!

3 button - This is a very common style for English and many American designs

2 button - The standard business look. Fits well for most men.

1 button - This is a more fashion forward look. Has gotten more common in the last 10 to 15 years or so.