Wear Prom Suits with Swagger

For tons of young men, prom suits & prom tuxedos become a huge concern near the end of spring and beginning of summer.

Exciting isn't it? Prom night is often the first opportunity you will have ever had to show your friends what you look like when you get your "grown man" on!

So while the ladies are worried about prom dresses and prom hairstyles, you've got work to do too! They've likely never seen you look as dapper and as suave as you should look when you get dressed and suited for prom.

20% off coupon code for men's suits and apparel. If you are dressed the right way, they will be blown away! So in order to be dressed to impress, you must first understand what type of clothing is expected of you.

Knowing what type of clothing other guys will likely be wearing and how to distinguish yourself from the others is also important. We have great news for you!

You are ALREADY ahead of the pack because you are here and reading these valuable tips.

Many guys wear tuxedos to their proms, which is considered formal attire.But if you have a sleek dark-colored suit, you may be allowed to wear that as well, depending on your particular school's rules. You could then use that suit for after your graduation as well.

Some schools may require a tuxedo for the evening's events, so check out your options before deciding what to get. If you rent a prom tuxedo (which can include shoes) for the evening, the average rate is between $50-$175 depending upon what extras you might want for that price you would probably be better off finding stylish prom suits for sale because atleat then you will own the suit for other occasions. The nicer the tuxedo, the higher the price will be.

Whether you rent a prom tux or buy a very nice dark-colored suit, there are a few guidelines for a young man of swagger to follow...


Find your own unique way to dress with a bit of flair and panache. Only make sure not to go overboard with it (polyester powder blue prom suits are NOT a good look, after all, this is the 21st century).

Instead try these small but trendy details:

  • Smooth cufflinks. A pair of sweet cufflinks gives prom suits an extra slice of cool.

  • Bow ties are the traditional choice, but regular neckties look great and are becoming the preferred choice.

  • A vest always looks good, being that cummerbunds are fading out of fashion.

  • Take a cue from hollywood's red-carpet and don a monochromatic (all one color) look or add an unexpected splash of color.

  • A unique lapel trim can add a little flavor.


To be truly stylish, you must look beyond prom suits for a minute. If you don't think that things like your hair, accessories, and cologne matter that much, please think again! Because in addition to the prom suits, they actually make or break your entire look and aura of swagger.

Pay attention to these finishing touches:

  • Have your hair cut or trimmed by your favorite and best barber a week before prom, you never want to have to rush to get a cut, too many things can go wrong.

  • Lightly spray on a favorite cologne (Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein & Angel by Thierry Mugler are a couple highly recommended scents).

  • Mix in accessories that add to your advanced sense of style, such as cufflinks, hats, watches, bracelets, etc., and don't forget the shoes (make sure they are shined, and are without scuffs)!
Choosing your suit out of all the styles available to you can be fun! But that's only the beginning when you'd really like to dress to impress. So make sure to pay attention to the little things, so that the big picture turns out great!

Learning so early in life how to dress well gives you a big advantage (some never learn!), hopefully you have years of looking great ahead of you. This is just the beginning of your style and swagger!

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