Suit Styles

Its important to understand the difference between suit styles if you're going to up your swagger. Don't worry, the different types aren't too technical. Its good to know the details so you can pick the right suit for your body, style, and price range. Depending on where you are in the world, the fashion sense may be different. Here are the main types:

English - These tend to be more conservative and good for the office. They have basic plaid and pinstripe designs. The British also originated the morning suit and the James Bond suit. Off course, they also have the world famous Savile Row.

American - These designs tend to be more "edgy" and less formal. Of course, they are originators of the Mad Men look.

Italian - Usually these are more fashion forward. They tend to be geared toward a taller, leaner man. Milan is the center of European fashion and the tall models there tend to influence what the designers do.

Mandarin- A very exotic look that is heavily influenced by Oriental culture. This has that "buttoned up" look. If you can pull it off...go for it!

Funeral- A specific style for when one needs to grieve a friend or family member

Evening- Its good to know what types of evening wear you should wear to different events.

Canvassed- Why are canvassed suits "higher quality", and do you need to get one?

Fused- What is the difference between canvassed and fused?

Big and tall suits - Geared toward the larger guy.

Slim - A more modern and fitted look

Casual - Ideas on how to look good in a more relaxed setting

Office - Tips on dressing for the office or business job

Interview - Tips on what to wear for the big job interview!

First - Just getting into's what to keep in mind on your first purchase.

Summer - Suits good for when the temperature is high!

Houndstooth - An interesting old English look