Houndstooth Suit

A houndstooth suit might seem like something a hipster or country Englishman might wear.  It’s definitely a unique look, but can work for certain guys.

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It’s a two-tone pattern, originally seen on wool, but in recent years has been available on many other fabrics.  Houndstooth originated in Scotland and is still quite popular in the UK.  It was really supposed to be a “country” style of fashion, maybe something you’d wear on the weekends in a small English village, or maybe in a low-key hunting excursion.  Most style afficiandos would probably consider it a fall or winter wear for that reason but it can work for other seasons, with a reasonable weight on the fabric.  It was definitely not designed to be a high-powered investment banker suit, or something you’d wear to the club.  A tighter pattern can tend to look more grey, and might be more usable as a day to day wear.  You may even be able to wear it in some offices, as long as its not too formal a position.  A larger pattern will look a little more conspicuous, or loud even.  Usually it’s in black and white, although other darker shades can work.  Purple and yellow looks a little weird though!

Although its origins are in the country, a lot of urban hipsters and guys trying to make a statement have kept these in the style scene.  It’s not a mainstream look by any means. Matching with it can be kind of tricky though.  One thing to avoid is a black shirt for sure.

If you look carefully, you’ll find that many of the bigger designers carry this style.  They can be hard to find.  Ralph Lauren has some nice looks, especially in their Black Label line. Nordstrom also has a few John Varvatos that have this nice pattern to them.