Suit Color

The right suit color can be a tough thing to figure out, especially if you are new to the suit world. 

For a first suit, a grey or navy blue is a good pick.  I would go conservative before you go for the flashy.  These colors can work for the interview, for the office, and for going out afterward.  They are also good for weddings or funerals, the other big spots for wearing suits.  Look for a darker gray or charcoal color.

Here’s a rundown of some of the other common variations:

Blue– Besides navy, most other blues are a tougher color to pull off

Light grey– I put this separately from just plain gray.  It’s a little more of a summery look.  It can work for the office though.

Black  -  OK for a formal occasion, but it’s a little too dark for an office or other normal setting I think.  I tends to look a little weird in indoor light.

Khaki -  It’s a cool look for a tropical climate.  It also works in the summer.  These types of colors can tend to show sweat a little bit more so be warned.

Tan -  Also a good idea for warmer or hot weather.

Beige -  A nice change of pace for the office, in between those light tans and browns.

Taupe - A "creamier" tan or brown look

Brown– Its often found with tweed or other “old-fashioned” fabric.  It’s a little edgy for the office but can work.  Academics or professors might be able to pull it off easier.

Charcoal– One of my favorite looks. Can work in the office or the club!

Those are the more traditional looks.  If you want to get off the mainstream, you can look into colors like olive green or taupe.  I think those are nice, but they are definitely not as versatile as a navy or grey.

White, IMO, is a disaster waiting to happen.  Besides people shield their eyes from the brightness, it’s a magnet for stains.  I would avoid at all costs.

Some other colors like yellow, red, or light blue are definitely for showing some flash.  I definitely can’t pull it off, but some guys might.  Of course, they might be at the NBA or NFL draft though!