Light Grey Suit

A light grey suit is a popular color in the menswear world.  They can add some versatility to your style collection.  They should be considered as a good potential addition to your wardrobe.

Light Grey Suit

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Of the gray shades, I tend to like the darker looks like charcoal a bit more, but I can definitely find occasions to go light.  Sometimes the darker looks a little too somber or drab.  I think a tightly woven pattern, like glen plaid, looks a little better than a solid.  The solids can seem to leave a sheen, in my opinion.  If a sharkskin look is what you’re going for though, go for it.

A lot of the characters on TV based in Miami tend to like to mix in a light grey suit every once in a while, including Burn Notice.  It’s definitely a cool look for tropical areas.  Don Draper on Mad Men is also pretty heavy into the light and medium grays.  It’s a look I’ve warmed up to over the years.

Getting a light gray suit in a lightweight fabric can make it a good option for warmer months.  It can look a little less “heavy” on those bright sunny days.  A navy blue or dark grey may be too dark for a hot summer day, so it can give you a good third option.  It’s also conservative enough to wear to the office or interview if you need it.

In most cases, you’ll want to try and mix in a brighter colored tie or at least a bold patterned tie to provide some variety.  A gray or black tie may make you look a little drab. Be careful about mixing light gray, white shirt, and light tie.  This can make your chest look extremely light and make your face look darker.  On a bright sunny day, in photographs, your torso might really look bright with the reflected sun.   

For the shoes, I find that black can be a little too much of a contrast.  A burgundy or a darker brown can often work.  It can take a little bit of experimentation to get it right.