Big and Tall Mens Clothing

At some point, almost every large man has felt the frustration of searching for big and tall mens clothing, only to be told "we don't have your size, but just try to fit into this!"

Great! They make a sell and you get to look like a musclebound grizzly bear stuffed into a tank top, because the shirt just doesn't fit a man of your stature.

Thankfully, those days are quickly fading away. Big fellas are no longer being ignored and can look just as great as the little guys!

Big and tall mens clothing are huge business these days for many retailers, this year alone sales are estimated to reach $55 billion.

Online retailers are especially taking the opportunity to make sure the larger of our species is well-fitted and dress to kill. From tall mens dress shirts to longer and wider slacks, shopping for the large fella is getting a little bit easier.


Mens big and tall clothing usually means it is a little wider and longer than normal clothes. But their is also a difference, whether your looking for tall only, big mens clothing only or both.

The tall sizes are normally almost 2-5" longer in the body and sleeve than normal sized clothes. The hefty sizes give alot more room and freedom around the waist, the thighs and even the chest area many times. Big and tall mens clothing combines the two attributes in proportion to what your needs may be. It is impossible to find a man who cannot be comfortably and stylishly fitted these days!


Anyone who is an avid reader here, knows how much we endorse custom tailored clothing. Big and tall suits, just like all mens clothing can be made to specifically and more naturally fit you if it is bespoke tailored, but with that being said, it is not an absolute must if you cannot afford it or just do not have the time to get it done.

Many fine articles of big mens clothes can be found ready-made because of the attention big guy are putting into the way that they look and dress these days. Super-sized fellas won't just throw anything old thing on, NO WAY! They dress to impress, therefore more is made available today, than ever before!

So men, be sure that you're being fitted properly, dressing for your body type and be sure to keep coming back to SUIT-SWAGGER.COM for mens suits information and up-to-date fashion advice for men of all sizes and levels of swagger!