Tall Mens Dress Shirts

Searching for well-fitting tall mens dress shirts can be a daunting task for some of us.

The guy who needs a sleeve length of 38/39 can often be left out in the cold. No wonder we see so many very tall men dressed poorly, as if they don't have a fashion clue in their head. That very well may not be the case, but instead these guys are often wearing whatever they can find to fit their big frame and in many cases what they are able to find isn't all that great looking!

Big and tall mens dress shirts should definitely be more available for the 6'5" and 6'9" warrior built fellas, but we will help you find the answers to your clothing needs right here at SUIT-SWAGGER.COM! We will always help you with mens style info and the latest fashion trends for men updates!

So when trying to find the best mans tall dress shirts, remember that you always have options.


One of my favorite places of all to find tall guys dress shirts is K & G Suit Stores, they possess a great selection of tall mens shirts. Even boasting a wide array of French Cuff shirts in large men sizes. I myself wear a 38/39 sleeve length and a 17 1/2 collar and I can always find a bunch of nice tall mens dress shirts to choose from there! Their stores are in many cities throughout the country so check if you have one near you!

Another beautiful option is to have your big mens shirts tailor made. Wait! I know what you are thinking... You think that that sounds super expensive, right?

Well you my friend are happily mistaken.

It takes no more than calling around to a few tailor shops and asking for their prices. Some will take themselves too seriously and charge exorbitant fees, but many charge nearly the same amount as you would pay for a wonderful tall mans button-up off of the rack!

If you are willing to pay $60 or $70 for an off-the-shelf shirt, you will easily be able to find a personal tailor that will measure you and let you choose your own style, color and fabric for the same price or even less!

On top of all of that is the fact that you will have a tall mens dress shirt that fits you like a champ!

A shirt of such quality will display your tall physique in such a flattering way that you ill likely become addicted to tailor-made dress shirts!

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