Fashion Trends For Men

We are living in a fashion-conscious world these days. The 1950's are over and fashion trends for men are changing by the year, and the well-dressed gent should keep abreast of such changes. This is not to say that a man who is a sartorial enthusiast has to change his way of dress hither and tither (or all willy nilly as some say), but to keep aware of what is going on in the mens fashion world can add to his overall knowledge of what looks good and what is being widely acclaimed as attractive.

Once this well-informed man has these fashion trends for men in his mental vault, he is in a great position to make some truly wonderful clothing and accessory decisions!

We will present a couple of the important trends in mens fashion that are now picking up steam!


If you take a fashion adventure excursion to the style and fashion capitol of Milan, Italy you will be extremely hard-pressed to find a suited gent who wears a matching tie and handkerchief. At SUIT-SWAGGER.COM we always encourage the use of a well-coordinated hanky and now some men are coming to the same conclusion as the Italians. A hanky should never match EXACTLY to a mans necktie.

Some Italians would rather go without wearing a handkerchief AT ALL, than to wear one that is matched to the neckwear. It is almost looked at as a sartorial cardinal sin!

To be honest with you, some other well-suited men would argue this point of dress, but it is good to be aware of the debate and be able to decide for yourself.

At SUIT-SWAGGER.COM, we have become huge fans of the 2-hanky look. Say for instance you are wearing a navy blue suit and wearing a gold-colored tie. Think about how awesome you would look by combining and folding together a white hanky with a gold-colored hanky and letting that draw attention to your supreme mens suit stylings! Or if you decided to wear a pair of caramel or taupe colored Stacy Adams shoes(or another top-notch brand), you could conceivably rock both a carmel-colored handkerchief with a navy blue hanky.

The cool thing about combining two hankies of different color is that you don't necessarily have to be as meticulous with the folding or arranging of the hankies, the color mixture allows you to simply twist them together in your own fashion and stuff them into your pocket!

You are VERY LIKELY to get a few nice compliments because of your creativity!


Please don't get us wrong, with the proper setting and suit, black shoes are great, sometimes necessary and at times the only correct sartorial answer. BUT, for years fellas that have just been plain lazy and unmotivated to look like a dapper don have relied too heavily upon the basic black dress shoe.

Some guys think that black shoes go with EVERYTHING, but they are mistaken. Thankfully a few guys are starting to come out of the dark shoe ages! Once again referring to Milan, Italy stylings and others as well, we see a great example of matching beautiful browns, caramels, beiges and other sensual earth toned shoes with sleek mens suits of gray, dark blue and even black.

The key to making these brown shoes match is making the shirts, ties and cufflinks(if you're wearing them) compliment such a color scheme. Fashion trends for men need not be too difficult, these types of simple adjustments can be made by any "joe-schmoe" and can turn him into the guy mistaken for a mens runway model! Say for instance that you were planning on wearing an all-black suit, if either your dress shirt or your necktie matched the hue of brown that your dress shoes do, you are ready to go! And then you could even trick the suit out a little more with the 2-hanky tip you learned earlier!

The key to these fashion trends for men tips is to remember that only small minds stay trapped in a box, explore your color options, don't follow the crowd if the crowd should be following you! Make your own way in this mens fashion world! We thank you for taking the time to learn a few of the latest and greatest trends in mens fashion! There is so much more for you to learn on this site so please check out the other hundreds of pages of mens fashion tips and advice!