Navy Blue Suit

The navy blue suit is a staple color for most men.  It’s hard to go wrong with this as your first trip into the suits world.

A lot of style experts like this color because it looks good on most people.  In office light, it looks pretty natural, unlike a black or darker shade.  Most shirt and tie combinations also go well with it, so it can be very versatile.

A basic solid color works nice.  You can wear it to the office, interviews, and out for some nightlife without too much trouble.  It’s a little bit conservative so you probably wouldn’t wear it to a fashion forward nightclub, but with some creativity you can make it work.

Sometimes you’ll see some variations in what “navy blue” actually means.  You may see it called French navy, or maybe even marine blue.  Midnight blue is usually much darker, closer to black.

If you want to spice things up a little bit, try and go for some pinstripes.  Basic chalk pinstripes can work, although you might look more like an investment banker.  Cream or regular white can go along those same lines.  Some guys like blue stripes, I’m not as big a fan of that but I think some guys can pull it off.

For a shirt/tie combo, most selections should work.  Many fans like a lighter blue shirt and yellow tie.  Pretty much any shirt except black or a darker color can work.  Brown shirts are also tough to pull off, but they really don’t work with too many combos!