Ermenegildo Zegna Mens Suits

When it comes to Zegna mens suits the unmatched fabric quality is certainly the underlying factor to the Ermenegildo Zegna brands distinct advantage over its competitors. Established in 1910, this prestigious Italian mills driving force is the quest to produce the finest mens suiting fabrics in the world, therefore they procure the most exquisite wool, mohair and cashmere from as far a field as Australia, Mongolia and South Africa. Beside Armani, Brioni Suits and a handful of other suit experts, there isn't much to rival the Zegna quality.


The supreme quality level of Zegna men suit fabrics depends above all on the high quality of the raw materials that are ultimately used. The production of these extraordinarily fine fibers requires painstaking work by producers in terms of breeding, maintenance of pastures and the animals themselves, their nutrition and many other factors affecting the end result. So the company carries on a very rare tradition.

Ermenegildo Zegna gives out Trophies every year for top quality in raw materials production.

These prizes are highly coveted by wool growers worldwide and are a powerful incentive to gearing production to ultimately superior quality.

Premiere fabric producers are obviously ecstatic to sell to a company that’s shown over the years that appreciates their produce and puts it to great use. While Zegna, on its part, enjoys the certainty of controlling the entire process that leads to unmatched Zegna men suits.

The "Su Misura" service offered for these elite tailored mens suits gives you a unique luxury tailoring experience that produces tailored mens suits in just a few weeks, respecting the client's size and needs, all the while maintaining the superb standard of high upper echelon quality Zegna mens suits are rightfully famous for! If you are looking for a quality suit for less money though, you may be interested in Alfani suits which are easy to find at your local Macy's department store.