Alfani Suits

The Alfani clothing and accessories line is one of the staples of the Macy's department stores for good reason, this bring boast a line that carries shoes, underwear, pajamas, leather handbags, dresses, premium dress shirts and more.

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Their mens suits project an ambiance of classiness and can be located on numerous online retailer sites. These suits offer the buyer a handsome yet conservative garment that will not break the bank like many other fine suitings may.

Style Breakdown

When you take a gander at their fashionable two & three piece classics you will most likely notice the abundance of mid-range lapel sizes. Often-times the width of the lapels on a mans suit will contribute greatly to the overall personality of the Alfani suit. More men opt for the 3-button variety, it is much more common, but those with a flair for being a bit different may find true delight in the 2-button version!


As far as colors are concerned, you will find the staple colors are predominant in this suit clothing line. Charcoals, blacks, tans, blues, and grays are available on most models. These are staple colors for a reason, they look fantastic and regal.

Materials Profile

With this Macy's favorite you will find a fair amount of steadiness as far as materials are concerned. The primary materials used is usually wool with a spin of around super 100's or better. These suits are viewed as neither cheap nor as luxury suits although it is very possible to find one made from a blend of wool and silk.

Price Info

To put it plainly, these suits are reasonably priced. Most of the garments range from $200 to $550 retail, you are likely to find the majority in between the $250-$400 range though, $550 is on the high-end to be sure.

In Summary

All in all, if you are simply looking for some decent threads to wear, you are encouraged to consider purchasing an Alfani. Although they are not top-of-the-line suits, they are nothing to sneeze at either. With the proper shirts, cufflinks and accessories added to the mix you can look and feel like a million bucks! If you are seeking truly upper echelon fabrics though, you will have to spend a few more hundreds of dollars. Look into options like, Brioni Suits or maybe Armani.

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