Mens Business Suits Are Tie Breakers!

In the ever competitive workplace mens business suits can break the tie between two equally qualified men. Unfair? Probably so, but appearance is everything these days and it can mean the difference between be respected and being passed over.

Think about it, if you had to choose between two lawyers to represent you in a huge case and they both seemed equally competent and intelligent, mens business suitsbut one was was sharply dressed and the other looked like he was color blind or dressed by his mom, which would you hire? Every man needs at least one power suit that exudes strength, prestige and refinement. Business suits for men are a necessary component of a mans wardrobe no matter his profession because it acts as his modern-day suit of armor. There are, however, many key elements to think of before transforming into a 21st-century gladiator. The purpose of business suits for men is to project an unrelenting and untouchable power in the face of adversity without having to say anything. You should wear a strong, but not to busily designed necktie, because that is what business men with power usually wear, and you will wear fine leather shoes to complement.

A power suit should be black or in dark shades of charcoal, blue or deeply dark brown with a purely silk tie in deep, rich tones.

Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald has a beautiful selection of mens business suit to choose from. They are classically fashioned after the suits worn by President Kennedy, they definitely not hinder you from gaining the proper respect and attention of your colleagues as well as superiors. These could be matched well with Cole Haan oxfords, these shoes are class personified. More great options of course are Armani suits and Brioni suits, the wide-array of choices are definitely out there, find yours today!