Dress Well Down To Your Male Underwear...

Male underwear may be much more important to society than you have ever known. Seriously! For instance, it is fact that when the nation's economy is stable, the sale of mens underwear remains good and stable. But in contrast, when funds are in short supply, sales drop rather fast as men tend to wear their underoos more times before getting new ones! Interesting, huh? After all, not too many people sees a guys boxers or briefs all that often anyway. Atleast you would think.

But fun facts aside, well-dressed men must pay attention to the affect that underwear has on their outer look, mood and confidence as well. Just to get this out of the way, and hopefully you already live by this credo, but your underwear should always be without tears, holes and always clean. Whether you believe it or not, wearing raggedy underwear has a negative affect on a mans psyche.


These days everything comes in a designer form, doesn't it? Designer waters, designer protein powders, even designer dogs! Wow... So are Perry Ellis, Calvin Klein or Burberry underwear for you? There certainly is nothing wrong with them. But with these types of underwear easily costing you upwards of $30 a pair, unless you are looking to model them frequently or spend an inordinate amount of time out of your pants, you may be blowing your money. It may be best to look for quality normal-folk mens underwear.


When it comes to male underwear, the tank top undershirt, and undershirts in general get a bad rap in warm weather. Some believe that it is better to go without one in warm weather, but for guys who sweat profusely, nothing could be farther from the truth! A thin undershirt works wonders for keeping your outer shirt from sticking to you and getting those ugly sweat blotches all over the place. They also create a layer inside of your outfit to allow your skin to breathe and helps to ventilate your person very well.