Mens White Suits...Anytime or Sometimes?

Wearing mens white suits takes a truly confident man! The reason for this is that these suits are somewhat flashier than your run-of-the-mill mens dress suits, they have a Miami Vice/Gangster type edge to them.

mens white silk suits

But the right man with the right look can smoothly and easily pull it off. Speaking of Miami though, white clothes signify summer heat.

Some fellas make the mistake of wearing these suits, even going as far as wearing mens white LINEN suits past Labor Day! This is certainly not advised. You are doing your mens dress suit a disservice!
Even if it happens to remain pretty warm, most women are keyed into these types of rules and will automatically deduct cool points from you and your entire wardrobe! So just play by the rules, unless you're married and just don't care about looking cool anymore. But hopefully whether you happen to be married or not, you'd want to stay on top of what's hot and what's not atleast a little bit, so once it gets later in the year you would be safer wearing maybe tan, gray or navy mens suits.