Office Suit

A good office suit should be a key consideration for your wardrobe.  Looking good at work will definitely help out your career.

Office Suit

Before you start the job, though, you definitely want to check to see if suits are the norm at the office.  Although for most professional jobs a suit should be worn as part of the interview, many offices are business casual.  Still, in a lot of cases there’s the idea of dressing for the position above you.  While the “grunts” in the cubicles are casual, the executives and management are often still more conservative.  A sharp looking suit can make people know you mean business!

Investment banking – Most investment banks are still big on business suits.  They, along with Big Law firms, are among the most conservatively dressed businesses.  This is especially true in New York and London.  You’ll find the basic navy blue and grays.  You’ll see some charcoals and browns, along with pinstripes in certain places.  Some places are OK with a little flash like pocket squares or suspenders.  Go for basic white shirts in most cases although a light blue might be OK.  Check with what the other folks in your group are doing.

Banks – I’ve worked in many banks, meaning the back office headquarters.  Most of these places are suits required, at least in policy.  Sometimes you can get away with a suit and tie.  You’re again pretty safe with a blue or grey, but you have a little more leeway in most cases.  Browns, olives, or lighter colors like tan or khaki can sometimes be OK, especially in summer.

Law Firms -  It’s pretty close to the I-bank attire.   They may be a little bit more conservative, especially when meeting with clients or a court date.  A nice Brooks Brothers setup is a popular choice.