How to Choose A Suit

Learning how to choose a suit can be done quickly, but not just any suit, a well-fitting and stylish mens suit is what you will learn to select. Before you go look for a suit, sometimes it is a good idea to take your lady or a pal along for a trusted second opinion. Many times it helps to take a look around without the assistance of a salesperson at first, this way you can get a feel for what you do and don't like without the constant insistence by a salesperson that EVERY suit you spend 2 seconds looking at is "a great looking suit" or "one of our most popular".

Remember, salespeople are interested in the sale much more than how you look. When you have had a chance to look over the suits as much as is necessary to get a good feel for things, now, AND ONLY NOW, is the time to ask questions if need be.

Don't feel that because you ask about a suit that now they have the right to usher you and that particular suit to the cash register. Remember that you are asking questions for answers, NOT to have decisions made for you.


how to choose a suit for professionial work

  • STEP 1 Choose a jacket style. The 4-button jacket style is extremely popular these days(and for good reason). But you are not restricted to just that, 2 and 3-button jackets are also available and very nice. Keep in mind that fashions change for men's clothing with time, but as of now, double-breasted suits are old-fashioned and out of style by a mile.
  • STEP 2 Choose a color and pattern. If you select a patterned suit, a pinstripe suit for example, check to see that the patterns line up at the shoulder and lapel seams.
  • STEP 3 Check for quality fabric. High-quality worsted wool High-quality worsted wool is the most seasonally versatile. Cotton and linen are good for summer wear. Avoid blends that are made with too much polyester, they don't breathe well and look cheap.
  • STEP 4 Crumple the fabric to make sure it bounces back instead of wrinkling, unless you've chosen a fabric that's meant to wrinkle like linen for example.
  • STEP 5 Check the slacks for pleats. Unless you are looking for a suit the is very casual and informal, make sure the slacks have pleats on the front. The sharp pleats on the front give you that dressed up look.
  • STEP 6 Try the jacket for fit. Be sure the collar lays flat against the back of your neck and shows a 1/4-inch rim of shirt collar. Shoulders should be lightly padded but not very boxy nor or too sloped. Sleeves should reveal 1/4 to 1/2 inch of shirt cuff and fall 5 inches above the tip of your thumb.
  • STEP 7 Button the jacket and sit down to verify that it is comfortable and doesn't bunch up.
  • STEP 8 Make sure the pants sit on the waist, not hips. Have your slacks measured to be cuffed so as to hang a 1/2 from the ground, be sure that your socks aren't visible when you walk.

We hope we were helpful to you in learning how to choose a suit and we wish you all the style in the world!