Guide To The Best Colors To Wear!

Ever wondered "what are my best colors to wear?"

If so, you are probably one of the better dressed men in your circle of friends. We have compiled a cheat sheet on the best colors to wear for you here!

Mens Style Advice & Tips about clothing COLOR CHOICES:

  • RED: A very warm color, considered the most
    passionate and sexiest color of all.
    Its a nice idea to go with a bit of red, when going on a date.
    Also, in business atmospheres,
    a red tie can signal that you are bold and confident.
  • BLUE: When trying to decide, "what colors should I wear?" Many men turn to blue, it's one of the most relaxing colors in the spectrum. Can have a calming effect on others and make you seem approachable. Dark blue indicates strength, while lighter blues appear friendly.

  • YELLOW: Be careful with this "sunny and happy" color,
    It is hard to pull off for some men.
    Although men with contrasting features, such as dark, bronzed, or brown skin, can achieve a very nice look with it.But anyone can wear it in moderation, and no man should overdose on yellow.

  • WHITE: This color gives the appearance of crispness and simplicity. When matched with very dark colors or gray,has a regal feel to it. The downside is that if it is the slightest bit dirty,
    it will draw attention to itself quickly.

  • ORANGE: A truly versatile and under-utilized color. Shirts in rusty shades look great, especially if you have dark hair.
    But be careful not to dominate an outfit with bright shades of this color, use judiciously.

  • BROWN: One of the more handsome colors. Masculine and Earthy. Mid-range shades are not always the best choice for really
    fair-skinned men. But remember Mens fashion tips are simply a guide, never be afraid to experiment. To look really sharp, we suggest going with very deep, dark shoes.

  • PURPLE: The color of royalty, purple is best in small doses. It can add flavor to ties and dress shirts, but please don't overdo it with the color purple, it just isn't a good look.
  • GREEN: Shades of bright green don't look great on many people, often what colors look good on me may not work out for the next person and vice versa, but darker shades can be a nice change-of-pace from too much blue ia a mans wardrobe.

  • GRAY: Deep charcoal grays are great for suits and are a very flattering color. Lighter grays are nice as well, they go with almost
    any other color. Only make sure you give light grays a little flavor, by what you match with it, you NEVER want to look bland.

  • BLACK: Truly elegant. No man should be without a black suit. Black conveys power, confidence and even a little bit of danger. An elegant black suit is appropriate for almost any situation.

    We hoped this has helped you figure out your best colors to wear and even what colors mean for your wardrobe.


    The world was created full of colors! All for our enjoyment! So when selecting the best colors to wear, don't be afraid, use them to the full! Mens fashion advice & tips are all over this site just for guys like you, so be creative and dress with swagger...

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