Which Tux Rental Agency Should You Choose?

Where you shop your tux and who you deal with is critical to looking suave and debonair.

This means that you have to find the best tuxedo rental store available. Sure there's a shop in every shopping mall and on almost every Main Street, USA. Does that mean that they are all the same?

Absolutely NOT, don't fool yourself into choosing a rental agency based on its proximity to your home. Instead of the closest, you should choose the best.

You will want to look for an agency with a long-standing reputation for top-notch service, qualified and knowledgeable fashion consultants to help select groom suits and measure you well, reliability of service and delivery, and most importantly, high quality merchandise.

That means the latest styles of groom suits on the market and not some old retreads from the early 90's.


The best thing to do at first is to ask a recently married friend which rental agency they used, and ask about their level of happiness with that establishment. Often times word-of-mouth is the best assurance around, many men's searches have been easily and happily ended because of a friend's resounding referral. Of course you'll still need to check the shop out for yourself, meet the style coordinator, and get your own feel for things and how much you like their stock. Nothing is better than in-person scouting.

If you don't have RECENTLY married friends, you'll need to invest more time and energy into your search. In other words, more advanced scouting. So set aside a couple days to personally check a few places out until you have been well pleased.


  • A wide range of designer high-end and moderate-end groom suits.
  • A wide range of groom suits in different styles and colors.

  • A well organized atmosphere and pleasant surroundings.
  • Brochures or printed packages that include full details.
  • Acceptable rental fees, and special discounts offered to grooms. (Such as "RENT 5 TUXEDOS, GET THE GROOM'S FREE!")
  • Attentive and well-mannered sales associates.
  • How busy the shop is on a Thursday or Friday.
This last one is important, since it's smart to check out how other grooms and their groomsmen are being helped as they're coming in to pick up their orders.

Are the guys being made to stand around long, steaming because they've been waiting an HOUR for a order that was supposed to be ready? Listen in on the interactions between the rental agents and their real customers, being that you are considering becoming a customer yourself.