So Many Tuxedo Shirts, So Little Time!

When trying to choose from that vast array of tuxedo shirts available, it is so very necessary that all aspects of your outfit fit together seamlessly and match perfectly. This being the case, it is up to you to be aware of the many styles and fashions and make the right call. The decision of which tuxedo shirt is proper for your needs should be determined by which shirts are appropriate for the specific style of tux you will be donning at your event.

We are here to give you the best information, so as to decide.



Laydown collar tuxedo shirts Downed collar tuxedo shirts, also referred to as the laydown collar shirt, were not wildly celebrated at at their inception and introduction to the formal wear world, but it eventually carved out it's place and has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity due to its combination of both contemporary and traditional styling. The downed collar shirt features a collar that resembles the collars found on an average button down dress shirt. The circumference of its collar folds down and around your neck and offers a wide separation between the front points. This is now a quite normal look and widely accepted, regardless of the tuxedo type.


wing tip tuxedo shirts This is one of the more classic looks, getting it's start in the 1800's. It has a very Victorian and regal style and feel to it, if you are looking for something that will not be mistaken for a more casual look, then a wing tip tux shirt is for you. It remains one of the top picks for guys who love to wear ties, it really shows off a well-crafted and designed necktie. We recommended a nice textured tie to go with the wing tip.


pique & pinwale tuxedo shirts Pique and Pinwale shirts are very formal shirts that have a pattern to its fabric to give it a textured feel and/or they will have special stitching. The pique variety are worn at ultra formal evening weddings and white tie affairs while pinwale truly adds a bit of depth and texture to the appearance of the shirt. These styles are recognized by the texture of the fabric and intricate design, and come in all collar styles, they are extremely elegant and really take things up a notch when it comes to donning a great tux! These are can't miss options the well-dressed gentleman!

The pique shirt fabric is made tightly woven with multiple raised patterns. Many times these patterns are diamond like shapes that run along either the bib of the shirt or over its entirety. Between the two, the pique shirt is the less formal choice and will have only the pique on the front of the shirt while higher end tuxedo shirts will consist of pique cotton completely throughout the garment.


Laydown collar shirts Otherwise known as a band collar tux shirt, this beauty combines the elements of traditional tux fashion with a new-age essence. This contemporary cut of shirt is popular with younger guys who are not in love with the idea of wearing a tie and would like to display some kind of individuality while wearing their penguin suit. This shirt provides that opportunity.

The mandarin collar shirt has a band collar that stands straight up and connects in the front with one button. Being that there is no need for a necktie with this style, guys tend to don a decorative button cover that goes over the front button of the band collar. This shirt is normally sold with quarter-inch pleats going down the front, which helps bring a little bit of tradition to this rather contemporary style. We don't recommend this shirt for any formal affair that is ultra-classy, but it has its uses for some.

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