Brown Suits

Brown suits are a good look if you’re wanting to go beyond just a basic navy or grey setup, but you’re not looking to get too flashy.  The color combinations for it are something to watch.

Brown can encompass a wide range from a dark brown, to light brown, to chocolate, to tan and to khaki and everything in between.  Khaki is a little different category and is more suited for summer.  For a fall suit, brown is definitely getting a lot of buzz lately.  It is definitely getting more popular in the fashion world.  It was extremely popular at the Gucci fashion event in Milan recently. 

Some guys love the color, some hate it.  With the right color combos, it can look pretty good.  Done wrong, you can look like a candy bar!  If it looks like a milk chocolate bar color its probably best avoided.  A think there’s a brown combination that can work for any man but some say that it’s a color best suited for a thinner, more athletic build.  I say, as with most suits, fit and match are the top things to consider.

Even in the office, the brown look is getting more accepted.  In the past, especially in the UK, brown was the “country” color, but now things are more relaxed.  It can be a good way to move out of the plain blue and gray patterns you’ve been used to.  However, for an interview, I’d still go with the more conservative navy, or charcoal, colors.

One place where I’ve struggled is with the right color matching.  With brown, I’ve found that pink or white shirts work best.  Pink can look good especially on a darker brown.Look for a black, dark orange, or navy tie to go with it. Some guys like a lighter blue tie, but its not my preference. Along with black or brown shoes, but those should ideally match the belt.