Dress Socks

The world's finest dressers take great care in selecting their mens dress socks, and wear only high-quality, single-fabric, patterned, sized examples.

Good dress socks are made of either wool or cotton (some may have a small amount of nylon to help them stay up and extend their life, which is fine).

Cotton is finer, more lustrous and wears cooler than wool does, and its sheen matches the smoothness of tropical worsteds.
Wool is good because it insulates better than cotton, is more durable, and its fuzzy texture complements winter's warmer wearing suits. Take note that finely-dressed men never wear socks made from a blend of both, reason being that these are neither one nor the other, lacking the value of either. They are neither warm in the winter nor cool in summer, not fine, not durable, not attractive.


An ancient rule still holds true that your socks should match the suit pants not the shoe. The best dressers also understand that since shoes are almost always a solid color, and suit pants often are as well, patterned socks break up the monotony.

For nothing more enlivens a man's appearance at so little a cost than an adventurous yet tasteful pair of socks.

Only be sure to avoid weird, irregular, or brilliantly colored patterns. Keeping in mind that the larger the pattern's scale, the less formal the sock is. So paying attention to the occasion is vital.

Last but not least, nothing looks more vulgar and contemptible than bare skin peeking out between pant cuff and sock, so as to avoid such ugliness be sure to wear dress socks that extend OVER your calf, this way the curve of the muscle helps hold the socks up. Simple.