Big and Tall Suits

Most stores are starting to cater to the big and tall suits wearer.  Let’s face it, guys are getting bigger over the years!

In the past, it was tougher to get some of those larger sizes in retail stores (50+).  Now, most retailers and designers have some designs in mind for the larger crowd.  What can be confusing is the both big & tall are lumped together, although the principles can be somewhat different.

Even if you find a good size in a store, there’s still some things to keep in mind.  These aren’t hard and fast rules.  They are just some guidelines for ways to emphasize or decrease attention to your size.

Many fashion gurus will say to avoid some certain types of patterns.  Things like stripes, big checkered patterns, and plaids are dangerous.    Some of these ideas need to be separated out.  Generally, patterns are OK for a taller guy.  Just avoid stripes.  Stripes are OK, even a good thing, for a chubbier fellow, but patterns should be avoided.  Most patterns, especially louder ones,  tend to bring focus to the body.  If you’re trying to de-emphasize your girth, a solid color or tighter pattern might look better and bring more attention to the face.  A louder tie and shirt can help out there as well.  Some big guys like the attention though, so if that’s the case, no reason to back off with your suit!

Some other styles can work to your advantage.  A double breasted suit can help hide some of the middle.  If you’re a shorter, more rotund guy, look into a three button suit.  It can help to add a little more illusion of height.

Many retailers have some dedicated sizes for big & tall.  Some of the better ones include: Dillard’s and JC Penney.  Also look into Rochester or Westport, as they cater to a bigger guy.

Just like with smaller guys, a good fit is still everything.  The same rules definitely apply there.