Silk Ties Are Top Knot(ch)

Silk ties have a built-in cache of expense and glamour to them. This precious cloth benefits from the richer dyes used by silk producers and the expertise of high-end designers. Fashion experts often coordinate custom tailored suits with the appropriate piece of silk neckwear for effect.

But everyday suit and tie guys wear these beautiful garments just as well in everyday life. designer neckties Be minded though, they are not completely without drawbacks.

Natural silk is a very delicate material and should usually be cleaned by a professional.

Storing an expensive tie means investing in a tie rack and keeping it protected from the elements.

Wrinkles must be handled carefully, a hot iron can easily scorch the material. It is highly recommended that you buy a small hand steamer and gently steam away the wrinkles that usually form around the fabric where the knot is made.






  • STEP 1: Treat your ties with a specialized fabric protection spray before wearing.
  • STEP 2: Do not leave them knotted as this will permanently crease the fabric.
  • STEP 3: Remove your tie by unraveling it, rather than slipping it over your head.
  • STEP 4: Store your ties by loosely rolling them rather than hanging them. This way you will avoid wrinkles by rolling them, whereas hanging you ties can leave creases.