Beige Suits

Beige suits can belong in with the tan and khaki family of colors.  It’s a way to lighten up your wardrobe and add a little more spice.

Beige Suit

These definitely have their place and just like with other lighter colors, are not as versatile as your standard navy blue or gray. Beige is a good option for warmer weather in general, although I don’t buy into any hard rules like only wear it between this day and that day, or only between spring and fall.  In LA or Miami, these can fit in most days of the year.

While this color is often seen as a more casual look, I think it can fit into the right office.  It might not work in banking or law, but other more lax environments might be OK.  If you are looking for a business look, a little bit of a darker shade more towards a brown would be a better bet.  The lighter tan and khakis are good for a more relaxed night out.

Matching tan can be a little bit of a challenge.  I like a nice basic white shirt, with a pink, or light blue tie.  A blue shirt also looks nice.  If its hot out, maybe ditch the tie.  I know that’s sacrilege for some guys but, if its hot out, or the club is crammed, it can work.  This works if you have a one or two button, more casual looking design.  If you have a choice of liner colors, go with something light as well.  A nice cream or light blue looks good, as well as a lighter tan.  Some guys like light green or other pastel but I don’t think you want to be too loud with it.  For shoes, basic tan, brown, or chocolate loafers are a good bet.