Grey Suits

Grey suits are a solid choice for most men.  It can fit in a lot of different situations and give you a lot of versatility.

Between this and a solid navy setup, you’ll pretty good, at least for an office environment.  Go for a nice charcoal grey and then think about getting something in a lighter shade if you have the cash for it.  I have a couple of charcoal colors and they work nicely at the office as well as for a wedding or something like that.  The lighter shades are good for a spring or summer wedding or event where a darker color may look a little inappropriate.

You’ll hear different names for the types of grey shades.  In general, oxford gray seems to be darker than Cambridge grey.

For some reason, I always find matching with gray to be a little bit tough.  As far as shoes, you can usually never go wrong with black.  A lot of guys like brown shoes with them.  For a light grey, I think brown shoes are OK.  With darker shades I think it starts to clash a little bit, although a nice light brown can sometimes look good.  It’s really an inexact science.

For the tie a nice blue will usually look good, usually a darker color that is mostly solid.  On a lighter gray shade some guys like a louder, more colorful tie that pops a little more, especially against a white shirt.

For the shirt you really can’t go wrong with basic white, especially at the office.  A patterned blue or even a pink can work if you want to show a little more style.

It’s a popular color so nearly every designer has a couple of gray shades in their lineup.  Brooks Brothers is always a solid choice.

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