Blue Suits

Blue suits are usually considered one of the staples of menswear.  Along with grey, it can easily be one of the cornerstones of your wardrobe.

One reason for the popularity is that it’s a color that just works for most guys.  Not only that, but many women like men in blue too!  It’s conservative enough that you can wear it in most offices but also out to weddings or other occasions.  With the right accessories, it can work for nightlife too.  Make sure you get the right shade though.

Navy – This is the most popular variety and the best choice overall.  Its hard to go wrong with this color for your first suit.  It definitely works for interviews or the office.  It’s a little conservative for nightlife or the club but it can still work there.  It also has a lot of options for matching shoes, shirts, and ties.

Air Force – Some guys like this and say they get complements.  I think it is a little too light but I think it can work in the right setting.  It was definitely more popular in the 1960s around the office.  You’ll catch a glimpse of them on Mad Men every once in a while.

Royal – These tend to stick out way more than navy.  They are definitely not a good choice for the office, and are too loud for the club.  They tend to be pretty bright and a .  Unless you are a big shooter,  I would avoid royal for your suits.

Baby Blue- This is tough to pull off for sure!  I guess if you are looking for a kind of Miami Vice look.  Most guys have a hard time looking good in pastels so this is better kept as a novelty kind of suit, or at least for a night out in a tropical city.