Mandarin Suit

The Mandarin suit is a cool Oriental style that is getting more popular in the mainstream Western world. You'll definitely stand out in one of these! Find out more about it and how to pull off the look.

You'll remember this look from the movie The Matrix, which had a lot of Oriental themes. Its also popular with Asian chefs. If not pulled off correctly though, it can look stupid. Just think about Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies.

This look is often characterized by the collar. Its a stubby, folded up look that covers more of the neck, often overlapping slightly. It was very popular in China as well as in India. The political leaders in those countries helped make the style acceptable.

What's nice about this style is that it is acceptable to wear without a tie. In fact, there really isn't a way to wear a tie with it. This makes it easier to go with a more casual and comfortable look around the office. It can be a hipper look. Its good to add some other accessories with it though, as the single color look can get boring. You can try adding a pocket square or replacing the buttons with cooler looking knots of silk.

While it gives off that cool Zen quality its a tough look to pull off in reality. I think you need to have that certain style and be in the know, as its definitely fashion forward.

Finding these types of suits can also be tough. Most major fashion designers don't really have this type of style. I've looked in major department stores but haven't found any consistent makers. Your best bet is probably to order online, or potential from a local Oriental men's clothing store.