James Bond Suit

The James Bond suit is the epitome of swagger. Learn more about the history of Bond and his suits.

The Sean Connery Bond for many is the look most people think of with the 007 series. He introduced many to the Conduit Cut. This is a simple design with high-quality wool. Connery himself states that is a Savile Row style. The idea was that he was a spy who looked good without standing out, and they did that well.

Roger Moore, who was the 70s 007, changed things up by using colors of the time, such as brown and tan. He also wore a lot of sport coats as well.

With the Living Daylights, Bond was brought into the 80s. Keep in mind, they were trying to compete with the likes of Miami Vice, so Timothy Dalton had a more casual look and was rarely in a suit.

Pierce Brosnan brought a modern day edge to the 007 series. He went away from the more conservative British designs and was almost exclusively Italian suitmaker all the way. He is always dressed to the nines like a banker or big-shot tycoon. In my opinion, he was the best dressed of all the Bonds. Brionis fit him like a glove.

Daniel Craig kept some of the flash from Brosnan but toned it down a little bit. In Casino Royale he still wore the Brioni but in a more disheveled way. Loose tie on the tuxedo, for example. For Quantum of Solace, instead of the flashy Italian designs this new Bond was decked in Tom Ford most of the way.