Interview Suit

An interview suit is one of the key components to getting the job.  We’ll give you all of the tips needed to ace it!

Interview Suit

For many guys, applying for jobs is when they're buying a Its very similar to buying your first suit. A good look should make you look presentable but not overly flashy.  Remember, you want them to be focused on your skills and abilities, not on your wardrobe.  You don’t want to look like you’re a bigger deal than the people interviewing you.

Before you go in, you should do some research and see what kind of company they are.  Check interview forums and company reviews.  See if a recruiter can give you some tips.  Even if a company is business casual, I always wear a suit.  You want to look professional even if you might not be wearing it day to day.

The type you’ll want to wear will really depend somewhat on the position you’re going for.  A big investment bank’s look will be a little bit different than a basic marketing position. In most cases you’ll want to go with the basics…navy blue and gray.  This will cover a vast majority of interview scenarios.  You might be tempted to try other colors to “stand out” but its generally not the best idea.  Stand out with your resume, experience, and interview, not the clothes.  The only exception here might be with a creative or fashion position.  You might have more leeway with a creative house, and with a fashion position the suit itself might be the interview.  If you’re good enough to get a big shot job at Gucci or Armani though, you’re probably way ahead of the game here!

Shoes should be basic black in most cases.  Make sure they have a nice shine Dingy footwear can really draw attention to itself and may make it look like you don’t have great attention to detail. Clean and well-fitting is the key to a good interview suit.

As far as accessories, you’ll want to go light.  Once you get the job, you can go crazy but again, you don’t want to overly call attention to yourself.  Look out for the flashy watches.  You shouldn’t look like you make more money than the folks interviewing you.  Remove the pocket squares and tie clips.  Basic and boring is the key, but you should look clean and well-groomed.