Pinstripe Suits

Pinstripe suits can add a look of power or prestige to your wardrobe. Find out how to wear one with swagger!

This style can give the look of a big time business man. Wearing one can definitely make you blend right in with the dealmakers and investment bankers. However, in recent years, its started to come out of the banks into mainstream fashion.

Its a great style for something between a casual club look and something formal like a high-class dinner party. It still works very well for the office too when you want something with a little more flair.

Another nice feature of stripes is that it tends to have a slimming effect. Its a good option for shorter or more rotund guys. Taller and slimmer guys can wear them but be sure to check it out before buying!

You might see pencil or chalk width stripes when viewing suit descriptions. Pencil-width tends to be thinner and chalk tends to be wider.

Most menswear designers have pinstripe options available, as it the second most popular style available besides the basic solid design. Keep in mind when you are looking for a shirt and tie to go with it that both should not be patterned. Make sure that either the shirt or tie is solid. You can do stripes in the shirt but they generally should not be the same width as the suit. If you use a pattern in the shirt, its better that its a weave. Too many patterns can make you look like a mismash of lines and directions! A nice look for the tie is something that complements the stripe color.