Slim Suits

Slim suits are a more modern look for men's fashion. It can work for you if you've got the right body type.

Sometimes this type of cut is called the athletic style, but I think that's a little bit of a misnomer. Generally these tend to have a little less shoulder build and padding, a skinnier lapel, and higher armholes that tend to push and emphasize the arm length a little more. They've gotten popular as a more casual or nightlife suit, since they're a little less bulky. However, not all guys can pull it off. If you normally roll a size 48 its going to be hard to pull off one of these! There's also been an interest in vintage thin look; such as the mod style.

If you are looking for something OTR, Italian makers and styles tend to be a little bit more trim and tight. British suits also are usually a bit more form fitting. American wear is a little bigger and boxier. You'll get more padding all around. I guess we are a little bigger than the rest of the world! However, some American brands do tend to run a little slimmer: try John Varvatos, Calvin Klein, or Perry Ellis for those.

In recent years the super thin suit has gotten a little more popular. To me, it really just looks like you've put on clothes that are about two sizes too tight. I think its best avoided unless you're really trying to make a fashion statement. Otherwise, stick with a good solid fit.