Perry Ellis Suits

Perry Ellis suits are one of the more well-known labels in American fashion.

They were first started in the early 1980s and since then have branched out to several different lines. "New classics" has been a way to describe his style. They have a look that is classic but with a little bit of a modern edge. Besides suits, they do a wide variety of men's fashion, from shoes to shirts. They tend to also be more of an athletic or slim cut in many cases. They offer a pretty wide variety of fabrics, although most of their suits are wool. They do offer some linens and lighter wear for the summer.

While its a well-known brand in the US, it hasn't really been seen too widely in the celebrity world. Its more of a Main Street than a Hollywood brand.Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson did rock a pair of Perry Ellis pants in 2010's faster, though.

As with most American designers, there are several lines within the brand. Not all of the labels are the same quality, so definitely take a look.

Collection - This is the more upscale line.

Portfolio - A more-budget priced option

In addition, I've found that the styles in the flagship stores are a nicer quality and selection overall than those in the department or mixed menswear shops.

Based on the label, the prices you will see will fluctuate quite a bit. New Collection styles can easily run $500-$600 at major upscale department stores. You can often find them discounted though if purchasing at Macy's. The flagship stores will be closer to full retail, but will generally be a higher quality. Portfolio can be found at Marshall's or TJ Maxx for $200 or below. Definitely check the label when doing your research!

This is a good brand for a starter suit and is a good value, especially when you can get them at a heavy discount.