John Varvatos Suits

John Varvatos suits are a relatively new entry into the menswear world, but they have made some big inroads into getting fashion gurus approval.

They were only launched in 2000, and since then they have gathered a lot of good buzz. The Roots are one of their new guy spokesmen. You might have also seen their limited design Converse Chuck Taylors. John himself is becoming a little bit of a celebrity, and will be starring on NBC's new fashion show in the fall.

They're known for having a slim cut, so they're good for a skinnier fellow. One thing to note with these is that the suit sizes tend to run a little smaller than the other guys. For example a 44R in Hugo Boss might be a 42R with JV. You'll definitely want to talk to their salesperson to get a measurement and opinion.

Many men love the slim cut, and some compare it more to an English suit style than anything. They're a good versatile look that can work at the office and at a club later on. They are a little less conservative so if you work in banking or finance for example you may want to look elsewhere.They generally have middle of the road quality fabrics.

They have a couple of lines, a mainline version, and a Star USA brand. The Star USA brand may be available in department stores and is generally lower quality.The mainline suits can be pricey...up to about $2000 or so. The Star USA label is probably about half that. They often have heavy discounts, so I would look at this brand once you can start getting discounts into the $600-$800 range.