Calvin Klein Suits

Calvin Klein suits are an American brand that is still quite popular. Many men know them from their cologne and underwear but their men's fashion is still quite good.

They were first launched in the late 1960s in New York. He started off as a coat maker, but soon expanded the line into underwear and fragrances. They were immensely popular during the designer label jeans days of the 1980s, in fact, he was credited with starting it. Today the menswear line usually shows slim fitting characteristics, like skinny lapels and conservative lines. Nothing too flashy.

Things can get very confusing as far as labeling with this company. You'll see things labeled as cK, Collection, cK Collection, or just plain Calvin Klein. Its important to know what you are getting.

*Collection - generally the highest end. Often made by good manufacturers in Italy

*cK - Medium Quality

*Calvin Klein - Generally an activewear line. These are usually poorly made suits though.

The Collection label is pretty good quality, but will set you back quite a bit ($1200+ retail). These are usually made in Italy from a reputable manufacturere. You can find the cheaper lines at places like Macy's, but these will generally be cheaply made suits with a label slapped on it. However, for $200-$300 they are not a bad deal, but I wouldn't spend much more than that for it.