Italian Suits

Italian suits are a good way to add some style into your fashion lineup. We'll talk more about the style and the different brands.

Suitmaking in Italy saw its main beginnings in the mid-1800s in response to the Savile Row dominance. Over the last 150 years they have grown to rival their British rivals.

Like English and American styles, it can be tough to define a definitive look for the cut you will get. Here are some basic generalizations though. You will usually find a slim cut with lots of curves, including a good amount of shoulder padding.. You'll have generally a tighter chest area. Lightweight fabrics and colors will match the more temperate Mediterranean climate. These styles are generally better for a leaner, more athletic cut man. They are also good for men who prefer a tighter more fitted feel than the typically baggy American cuts. Basically, guys with big shoulders, butts, or bellies may have problems.

You also need to consider that you will get some slight variations based on where the suitmaker is. Northern (or Milano) designers such as Armani tend to have a more trendy look. Southern (Naples) shops tend to be a little more conservative.

Alfani - On the cheaper end of the price spectrum. Not as well tailored as some other makers.

Armani - Probably the best known maker. More flashy than some of its counterparts.

Brioni - High class for sure. They start at $2000 up to $15000

Canali - Maybe the best value in the world for canvassed designs.

Corneliani - A terrific suitmaker. Their mainline brand may be the best deal in menswear.

Gucci - A well-known maker, but watch for the knockoffs!

Isaia - A fine Naples designer that is starting to get some celebrity notice.

Kiton - Often mentioned as the top suitmaker in the world. Very high swagger here...the top model goes for $50K.

Tallia - A more casual styled brand.

Valentino - Famous for their celebrity womens gowns, they also make some nice men's fashion if you know how to look for it.

Versace - Another well known maker, more known for their celebrity culture.

Zegna - In business for 100 years, they are the old-school shop.