Valentino Suits

Valentino suits are another Italian based menswear house. They have a nice simplistic look that could be worth adding to your wardrobe.

In terms of quality, they’re not up to snuff compared to a Kiton or Canali. In a comparison to American makers, I’d put them on par to a Ralph Lauren. They are more well known for their women’s formalwear and always see celebrity ladies in their gowns and dresses on the red carpet.

They’re not found as widely as Armani but Nordstrom will carry their newer designs. Lesser tier department stores may have some older styles available.

Be aware that Gino Valentino is the not the actual brand but a cheaper knockoff. For some reason, this brand has fallen victim to a lot of name rip-offs. Just be careful if you’re buying online or in a store.In the past, they used to carry several different lines. Since Garavani’s retirement in 2007, they have slimmed down their model line and eliminated the R.E.D. and Roma labels. If you are looking at a used setup though, the Roma line had a great look and many of them were canvassed. They can be a bargain if you can pick one up. The Tailoring label was made in Italy, rumor had it, by Isaia. They were hand-stitched and very nice as well. Now they only have their main label which is pretty much direct from the runway. These styles can go for up to $2000 but are generally cheaper. They have a wide variety of styles and fabrics, including linen and top quality wool. Like most Italian makers, they tend to have a lighter feel with more airy cloth types. They tend to lean closer to the more traditional Italian cuts on their styles.

At full retail, which can go for $500-$1000, they are usually considered overpriced. If you can get them in the $200-$300 range, that is a more reasonable amount given the quality.