Versace Suits

Versace suits are popular on celebrities, but also can look good on you! Find out which type and labels to get.

Although they are based in Milan, there is a a heavy American influence on their designs. Founder Gianni lived in Miami and would use Americans to promote the look.

They have really taken over the fashion world since their introduction in the 1980s. Many celebrities have rolled in this label, from Elton John to Ashton Kutcher. They have really made a big push to get big-names behind their marketing. Remember Miami Vice?....tons of Versace all over that show. They even have gotten into designing yacht and luxury car interiors.

They have a slew of different labels which can make it hard to know the level of quality you are. Its important to understand what you are getting, as some styles are fused, some are outsourced to other manufacturers or made in other countries, etc.

Couture - This is the top end line, and what would be shown on the runway. Most of these were canvassed and have top-quality detailed work. This is more of the classic look from a few years back. These are actually made by Zegna, but still have very high quality.

Classic - Often outsourced, these have nice slim traditional Italian cuts. Can be often found online.

Collection - You'll see this line at department stores, like Nordstrom. They are nice suits, but in most cases are fused.

Versus - Also found in department stores, this label is more for women. They do have some men's styles though but they are of average quality.

Check the tags when you are shopping, especially used. Generally, if you see an Alias label it is fused. You can also tell if it is a Zegna if the breast pocket on the jacket interior says In.Co sPa. The prices for these can be all over the map. You can see them going for as little as $300 for the Collection line to well over $1000 for the Couture. Couture is a good deal for the money in my opinion.