Canali Suits

Canali suits have a huge following in the fashion world. Many style mavens "in the know" rate these guys at the top in terms of combination of style and value.

While not as well known as Armani, I think they should be. Tons of men with swagger from George Clooney to Ben Affleck to Steve Carrell have rolled in movies or on the red carpet with these.

In my opinion, its harder to find a better deal for a canvassed look. The Proposta line may be fused though in some cases so take a look before you buy. Keep that in mind if you spot it at Nordstrom Rack. The Exclusive line will have a more upscale use of fabrics. This would be your cashmeres and your high end wools, like super 180s. Overall they have a little less detailed work on the lapels, but its still a great value and outstanding quality.

The 2x model line is a little bit of a more forgiving fit. If you are looking for a little more stiffness, the 1x models could be a good look. They use high-quality fabrics, very comparable to or even better than a Zegna.

Even though they get high marks from the fashion afficiandos, they are still decently affordable. Several department stores including Bloomingdales and Nordstrom carry them. At retail, they can go from about $1700 to $3000 a piece, but I've heard of some sales pulling them down to the $700 range. At that price they are a steal. However, you're unlikely to see these get the huge discounts that other makers get. So when they do go on sale, be sure to jump all over it. They are as good as it gets for Italian designers.