Gucci Suits

Gucci suits are a good way to add some new Italian swagger to your fashion lineup. Find out more about these styles.

They've been around for a long time. They were originally based in Florence and were founded in 1921. They eventually expanded worldwide to Paris, New York and beyond. In the 50s and 60s it was one of the top brands to be seen in if you were a celebrity. It was here that men's designer Tom Ford was hired as creative head in the early 1990s and brought new blood into the designs. He helped rebuild the brand into the fashion icon it is today. Today they are one of the most recognized fashion brands.

Like Valentino, this brand is frequently seen on the red carpet, but mostly by women. Sean Paul is one of the male celebrities who wear it frequently.

One issue with this brand is that there are endless knockoffs. The best way to check is to compare the labels to a genuine authentic product in a department store. If the fonts and labels look off, then its probably a knockoff.

On that note, they have in recent years outsourced much of their suit production. Most of them are made by Zegna, but are very nice quality. Many are fully canvassed, or fully canvassed at the worst. You'll definitely want to check this out if you are buying a used or potential knockoff item though.

The top-line models go for about $2000 retail in stores. Its fairly easy to find them at a higher-end department store like Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus for $1500 or less. For a canvassed style, this is a pretty good deal. If possible, wait for sales or clearances where prices can drop down to $700-$800 a pop.