Kiton Suits

Kiton suits have a reputation as being quite possibly the finest in the world. Needless to say, you would be rolling in quite a bit of style with one of these!

They are an Italian fashion label founded in Naples in the late 1960s. Since their beginning, they have emphasized handwork on all of their men's clothing. They use dozens of tailors and 25 man-hours even for their basic suit. Even their dress shirts and ties have handwork on them. They have a policy of less means more. They only produce 20,000 per year, so they are rare indeed. They use excellent quality wool in the super 180s weight, along with cashmere and fine silks. At that weight, they feel like butter!

The CIPA 1960 that was launched in 2010 is the "budget" line for them, if you can call it that. They start at around $5000. The classic line is their mid-range entry, starting at around $7000 a piece. Saks Fifth Avenue in New York now has a boutique in their Manhattan store with some ready-to-wear options. At one point, they were also available at Neiman Marcus and Barney's, at least around 2006 or so. For the most part though, you are best off going to a Kiton store directly for a full fitting and bespoke measurements. As of 2011, they only have locations in the United States in New York and Las Vegas. They are much more widespread in Europe.

The K-50 is probably the King of the Hill. Its so named because it is said to take 50 hours of handwork to make one of these, using only the finest merino wool from Australia and New Zealand. The tailor will also FLY to meet you and get the measurements. Plus, they are said to only make 50 of these per year. Lastly, the price tag is 50....thousand dollars! Needless to say if you have one of these you are probably an oil sheik or tech billionaire.