Isaia Suits

Isaia suits are another top-flight Italian designer. Not as pricy or quite high-end as a Kiton, for instance. But still very good.

Like Kiton, these is another Naples based fashion label with a keen attention to quality. Expect lots of handstitching and attention to detail on all their clothing. Most high wear areas on the clothing will be total handwork. They have popular two and three button styles. Their fabrics are top-notch, with higher counts, often 120s wool and higher. Another nice touch is an occasional mix in with silk fiber, giving it a softer feel.

Celebs have started to come around and start wearing this premier label. Hugh Jackman was spotted wearing a cool 3-piece tweed ensemble for the opening of his movie Australia.

One thing I do like with them are the interesting designs. They are not afraid to mix in some different colors, especially for seasonal looks. For fall releases, you might even see some dark purple and very dark burgundies. They have some standard boardroom or business fair but also plaid to give off a little bit of flair, almost a playful British look. They've stated that they are definitely trying to push some creative edges.

As expected, this label can be quite pricey. Expect suits to retail in the $2000-$3000 range, although discounts down to just over $1000 can be found. For some reason, some of their sportcoats alone will go for over $2000 retail. Dress shirts and ties are about $400 and $200 respectively. Neiman Marcus used to carry some ready to wear version, but now I believe Barney's is the main US retailer. There is also a flagship store in Milan.

Sierra Trading Post often carries discount versions of these. If you can deal with the limited selection you can sometimes find great deals there.