Tallia Suits

Tallia suits are a lesser known Italian brand that is more of a mid-market style. Their tagline is clothing without a serious attitude, and they tend to live up to that.

True to their advertising, they are a more casual look. They aren’t as conservative as a British or English cut. Not to say you couldn’t wear Tallia to the office, but there’s probably a slightly better choice.

You may also see these under the Orange label as well. I’m not sure the reason behind that name though, as the only orange I see with them is with some of their suit jackets, where there is some orange under the collar. They do have some loud colors though so if you are looking for something with some flair and flash the Tallia look is not a bad choice. The Uomo is the mid-range label. They are OK for a decent suit, perhaps on par with a Calvin Klein from an American suit perspective.

They also have a wide variety of suit fabrics, from wools to linens. They are more focused on worsted or summer wools as they are an Italian maker. I’ve noticed that they do tend to have a good selection of linens in particular, which makes sense given their reputation as a more casual style. They also have both 2 and 3 button styles. The San Remo is one of their more popular 2-button looks.

Macy’s and Men’s Wearhouse are some of the main carriers. Macy’s especially will often push heavy discounts on these. Rumor has it they were priced down to $150 for the last day after Thanksgiving sale. So that be a good time to check these out.

These again are priced in the mid-range of the market. You’ll see these going from $250 up to about $500 or so.