Graduation Suits

Graduation suits…do you need to get one?  Yes we all know about the cap and gown part of it.  But what about the suit underneath it?  What about suits for the post-graduate life?  We’ll give you some tips for the big day and beyond.

Completing high school, college, or a master’s program is a big deal.  I think it’s important to look good.  The proper protocol for what to wear isn’t always clear though.

Yes, I know that most of your body is covered by the gown.  What if you are going out to a nice dinner after or a party?  Plus, your legs and feet are still hanging out there so you’ll need at least a good pair of pants and shoes.  Its not that big of a stretch to just put the suit on.

Is a full suit necessary?  I think it depends.  Most graduation ceremonies are in May.  If you’re in the south, it can be starting to get quite hot and humid at that time of years.  A shirt, tie, jacket and gown can start to feel pretty hot.  In those cases, its probably not needed. 

In other areas, the weather can be fairly cool around graduation.  You might be glad to have the jacket underneath or at least nearby so you can get it for later.

I wouldn’t recommend buying a suit just for graduation, but consider your post-graduate life.  Are you going to interviews?  Weddings?  Then you might want to consider picking one up to get ready for the “real world”.  These types of events will let you try it out a bit.  I would go the conservative route for sure though.  A nice basic navy blue or grey number should be fine.  Get something that can work in a lot of different scenarios, not something in the school colors!