Single Breasted Suit

 A single breasted suit is the standard style that you’ll see for men’s wear out in the fashion world.  It’s a good basic choice for most men’s needs.

The basic design for these includes just the one line of buttons on the jacket front.  The two parts of the jacket only come together to allow for the buttons to be fastened.  Double breasted will have two lines of buttons, which will allow the one flap to overlap or “double” over the other side.

Some people think that the double is a little more stuffy or conservative than a single.  In most cases, all of the buttons on a double are buttoned when worn, so it might seem more restrictive.  Other guys argue that it can make one look more “distinguished”, like an old school Michael Caine.   Indeed, double-breasted seems to be a little more popular in England, with the royals such as Prince Charles.

Most American makers produce mostly the singles.  For a first suit especially, this is the preferred choice over a double breasted look.  It’s a common look and won’t stand out too much.  It’s also very versatile.  Many more accessories (squares, etc..) seem to work better with these.  On some models, you may find that both versions are available.  Keep in mind that double-breasted jackets tend to run a little shorter than singles.

Another nice thing about these styles is the variety on the jackets. You’ll usually see them with a notch lapel, although a peak lapel is getting more popular.  In addition, you’ll also see the slim or skinny lapel with the more casual suits out there. 

Most body types will fit into these without too much issue.  They are especially good for a stockier fellow, as they tend to de-emphasize the mid section.  As always though, a good fit is essential!