4 button Suit

The 4 button suit is an style that can easily be done wrong. More does necessarily equal better!

The key with a less traditional setup is that it gives enough space for the shirt and tie to have some room to show through without being too overpowering. Generally speaking, the 4 button and up suits are best for guys who are taller.  Their extra height makes a standard two or three look too stretched, and the shirt and tie too exposed, hence the extra button.  The guys who come to mind are college players on draft night.  You’ll see why they needed the extra length.

For a regular height guy, say under 6 feet, you can still go with a four button but it must be done right.  It helps to be somewhat skinny or have an athletic build.  A rotund fellow in a 4 button can look like they are squeezed in.  You should button the top three buttons and always leave the last undone.  Trying to pull off the one button look won’t work!  One exception may be when you are over in an Asian country.  Here it may be more permissible or even encouraged  to button all of the buttons, similar to a Mandarin suit.

Even for a skinnier guy, you can run into the the issue of having the suit cut too high and nearly hiding your shirt and tie, making you look like a box!  Some guys have experimented with some different cuts, or even a 4 roll 3.  That is a little closer to a standard three and might be more flattering.

If a straight line look seems a little strange you can also try for a double breasted design.  These are usually technically more than 4 buttons though.  They can be a good choice for a bigger guy.