One Button Suit

The one button suit is a fairly recent trend in men’s fashions.  Some guys like them but others think they are a monstrosity.  Either way, we’ll tell you more about them!

They have actually been around for quite a while, since the late 1960s.  It was reportedly the great jazz musician Miles Davis who was the first one who brought the one button into the mainstream.  It makes sense, since the 3 button dominated the first part of the century, followed by the 2 button.   It really start to catch on around the millennium and this year 2011 it is becoming even more talked about.  It seems to appeal to guys who wanted a really dressed down suit.  Its probably not something you’d wear to a conservative office for example, or an interview.  Some people seem to think it is extreme, but I think they are much more acceptable than a 4 button suit, for example.

Most of the mainstream designers have released new one button models in the last couple of years,  including Ted Baker and Zegna.  If you’re looking for a first suit or basic business or interview suit, I would recommend a 2 button suit.  The styling is more classic and conservative so you won’t ruffle any feathers.  That said, most people won’t even notice since they are used to only buttoning one button anyways.

If you do wear one, there’s a couple things you’ll want to keep in mind.  Most 1 buttons are designed in a slimmer cut, so go with a corresponding skinny tie and less pronounced collar if that is how it is styled.   Since the suitcoat is generally shorter, you’ll find that your waist is more exposed, so have a belt on with a nice looking buckle.  It doesn’t have to be too loud, just make sure it matches.